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About Us Blog 3 Questions To Ask About The Roof Before Buying A Home

3 Questions To Ask About The Roof Before Buying A Home

It’s easy to forget about the roof when you’re excited about the other features of a property you’re interested in buying. However, the roof provides crucial protection against various weather conditions and contributes to your indoor comfort all year round. That said, a local roofing company recommends asking these three roofing questions before purchasing a house.


1. How Old Is the Roof?

An old roofing system is more susceptible to issues and damage. Its shingles may have curled, cracked or split beyond repair. If you know that the home needs a roof replacement, you can ask the seller to shoulder the cost of the new roof or negotiate for a lower price. 

2. When Was the Last Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections allow you to keep a record of your roof’s health. These are also crucial in maintaining your roof because they reveal hidden issues that can later evolve into expensive repairs. By asking the current homeowner when the last roof inspection was, you can have an idea of how many times the roof was checked and maintained by a shingle roofer. This will help you assess the roof’s age and condition.

3. Can I See the Repair History of the Roof?

Real estate agents and home developers are required to disclose all necessary information about the property to the buyer. This means they should be able to provide you with records of roof repair. Their transparency is vital in establishing trust between the concerned parties. Roofing records should show the assessments and steps taken to repair the roof. It should also indicate the roofing contractor who did the repairs and replacements. 

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