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About Us Blog 4 Asphalt Shingle Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Asphalt Shingle Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

It’s very important to properly maintain your asphalt roofing. Maintenance mistakes can cause damage and cost you more time and money. Here are four asphalt shingle maintenance mistakes you should avoid. 


1. Letting Debris Accumulate

You have to maintain the cleanliness of your roof. Any debris after a windy day should be cleared out. Don’t ignore twigs or branches as they can get stuck between shingles and accumulate more loose debris. Debris and dirt on top of your roof can clog your drainage, scratch your shingles and cause more damage.

2. Clogged Gutter

Your gutters should also be clear of any foreign or loose debris. Cleaning your gutter system should be done on your regular calendar. A clogged gutter can cause water to be trapped on your roof. This can cause leakage and water damage. Make sure to hire a professional roofer for leaking roof repair.

3. Fungi or Algae Growth

Letting fungi and algae grow on your roof is a bad mistake. These organisms can cause erosion to your asphalt shingles. You have to keep your roof clean of any fungi or algae – don’t let them be as they can grow fast. It’s advised to use moss remover and closely follow the removal instructions. Also, keep in mind that asphalt is sensitive to pressure so do not use a pressure hose to clean your asphalt shingles.

4. Ignoring Cracks and Rust

If you notice cracks and rusting on your roof, you should immediately tend to the issues. Roof damage like these can cause irreversible issues if ignored. Cracks can expand, and rust can deteriorate your roofing system. Only trust a roofing professional for spot repairs.

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