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About Us Blog 4 Greatest Threats To Your Roof's Health

4 Greatest Threats To Your Roof's Health

Roofs cost thousands of dollars to install, especially if you’re keen on using the best materials and professional roofing services. And while they can last for several years protecting your home, the occasional harsh weather conditions and other factors can affect your roof’s health and shorten its lifespan. 

Here are the four of the greatest threats to roofing systems.

1. Hail

Hailstones are a nightmare for homeowners. They can split apart wood shakes and dent asphalt shingles. Fortunately, the solutions to hailstone damage are often manageable. You can call a trustworthy roofing contractor to conduct an inspection and repair or replace the damaged shingles. If you’re planning to replace your roof, you might want to opt for impact-resistant roofing materials to prevent or minimize hail damage.

2. Strong Winds

Strong winds can blow off asphalt shingles, leaving your roofing system exposed to outdoor elements. To prevent damage from wind, you can replace your roof with dense or wind-resistant roofing materials. For example, you may want to switch to slate tiles since these can handle strong winds well. You can also ask manufacturers about roofing materials that are specially designed to withstand the strongest winds.

3. Small Animals

Squirrels, birds and other critters may seek shelter on your roof or attic. Typically, these small animals occupy unmaintained attics that are filled with clutter. Cleaning your attic and insulating it properly will keep these small animals from making a home in your attic. You can also use animal-safe repellents to keep them at bay.

4. UV Rays

Light-colored asphalt shingles are known to be effective at reflecting ultraviolet (UV) rays, reducing the heat your roof absorbs. This can prolong the life of your roof since UV rays can degrade asphalt shingle roofs more quickly and cause them to become brittle. Furthermore, shingles can develop cracks and become discolored due to excessive heat.

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