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About Us Blog 4 Things That Add To Your Roofing Project’s Total Cost

4 Things That Add To Your Roofing Project’s Total Cost

When planning to invest in a roof repair or roof replacement, it’s a must to obtain estimates from several contractors to get an idea about the total project cost. You’ll notice that project estimates may vary from roofer to roofer. Why? Each contractor considers specific factors that may add to the cost when coming up with a price estimate.

How do roofers price a roofing project? Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc., your trusted local contractor, shares four factors that can end up adding to the total cost.

1. Size of the roof

When it comes to a leaking roof, repair is needed right away. For more extensive damage, however, a replacement makes more sense. Knowing the roofing square is necessary to determine the accurate measurement of your roof. This is based on square footage divided by 100. One roofing square is equivalent to 100 square feet. This is an important aspect as most roofing materials are sold by the square and not the square foot.

2. Existing roof type

Removing an entire membrane takes a lot of time and intense labor. A roof with multiple layers of shingles will appear costlier. Weight also plays a role because the heavier the material, the longer it will take for the workers to dispose of it properly.

3. Roofing material 

The cost of materials varies depending on aesthetics, durability and longevity. Asphalt shingles, for instance, are popular due to their cost-effectiveness. Metal may cost more, but can boost your home’s energy efficiency. If you have a flat roof, some of your options include single-ply polyvinyl chloride (PVC) systems, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) products and built-up roofs (BUR).

4. Components 

The roofing system is composed of many parts, including the underlayment, ventilation and insulation. All of these things will end up on the final receipt of your roofing project.

Upgrading your roof? Turn to our experts to help you with your roof repair and replacement projects. Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. provides free roof repair estimates so you know how you’ll plan your budget for the job. To schedule a FREE consultation, call us at (713) 466-4447, or complete our contact form today.