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A Breakdown Of Roofing Estimates

Whether you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, you need some way to keep track of where the money is going. This is where an accurate breakdown of a roofing proposal or estimate comes in handy. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most important bits of info that has to be in an estimate.

Breakdown of Materials

A roofing estimate needs a proper breakdown of the materials that will be bought using your funds. Keep an eye out for specific roofing products, and see if you can compare them to what’s available online. If you think the material is too cheap or too overpriced, you might want to look for a better proposal.

Dates and Estimated Time of Completion

Roof replacement will take some time, so you need to have information about when work will start and a proper estimate of when it will end. With a detailed project timeline, the crew will have clearer day-to-day goals, allowing them to focus on the work and finish quickly. That being said, the schedule can be affected by different factors like weather and the need to fix pre-existing problems before the work starts.

Labor and Other Services

A roofing estimate should always include the costs associated with the labor involved. This is especially true when it comes to “extra” services, such as cleanup and other tasks necessary to make your roofing project easier. In some estimates, this may also include expenses related to the transportation or use of certain equipment.

Choosing a Local Contractor

One of the best ways to get the most out of your funds is by getting estimates exclusively from local contractors. Most reputable local contractors offer free roof estimates, and they tend to have lower expenses related to logistics because they source their material from a nearby area.

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