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About Us Blog Choosing New Asphalt Shingle Colors

Choosing New Asphalt Shingle Colors

Many roofers may tell you to stick with asphalt shingles for roof replacement projects. It’s popular, low cost, practical and even suits many traditional home styles. Tile, metal or slate roofs, though they last longer, cost a lot more and are quite heavy. Many homes aren’t built to support them. Wood shingles, ideal for ranch or rustic homes, can develop algae in moist climates. That’s why asphalt shingles are the go-to option among homeowners.


Go With What You Have

It’s generally safe to replace your roof with the same type of material you already have. Builders choose the right material for a home’s style, structure, colors and location. A change that’s too dramatic may stick out like a sore thumb. Always make it a point to make everything blend seamlessly for better aesthetics.

Consider Climate

Shingle color and your insulation affect your home’s temperature and energy bills. Black and other dark colors attract and absorb heat making attics hotter. A lighter-colored roof will reflect the sun’s heat and keep interiors cooler.

Go With Your Home’s Colors

Your roof should blend in your home’s color composition. Red brick houses look nice with dark brown, deep gray or black shingles. Light gray houses look smart with dark gray roofs. Beige or cream houses can work with brown, warm gray or even colored shingles.

The House Should Draw Attention, Not the Roof

Your roof should not be the first noticeable feature, but be in the background. A dark roof will be more pronounced, whereas a light roof will draw attention away from the facade. That is why mid-tones are most popular. When looking at a house, the roof should be the last you notice.

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