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About Us Blog Choosing Roofing Materials For Historic Homes

Choosing Roofing Materials For Historic Homes

Historical homes carry with them a certain timeless appeal that newer homes simply do not have. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to maintain, as a lot of their parts (roofing, in particular) can be quite old and must be custom-made, making it quite challenging to find free roof estimates whenever you need repairs or replacement.


Wood Shingles

Wood offers a classic beauty that other materials do not have. Unfortunately, this is balanced out by their high maintenance requirements, which is why many a shingle roofer wouldn’t normally recommend it as an option. However, if you’re looking for a traditional material for a traditional roof on a traditional home, you’ll find no better candidate than a wood. Modern manufacturers have also made this material quite resistant to the common problems that once plagued its predecessors, which means it will be easier to maintain. Still, be prepared to have your roof regularly inspected and repaired to keep them in good shape.


The United States grew a demand for slate roofing in the 18th century and a large part of the eastern coast was quarried to satisfy this demand. Slate is strong and durable but they are also more expensive than other roofing materials. However, this is often looked over as this material can easily last centuries before showing the first signs of wear. Modern slate is usually man-made and although they do not possess the strength of natural stone, they are quite lighter and easier to install.

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