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About Us Blog Common Causes Behind Failed Roofing Systems

Common Causes Behind Failed Roofing Systems

The factors behind failed roofing systems can vary, but it helps to know what causes them to happen to ensure it doesn’t happen to your roof. Here are some of the common causes behind roofing system issues:


Premature Granule Loss

The ceramic granules on asphalt shingles provide a very important function. They shield the asphalt and the fiberglass mat from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. Over time, these granules will slowly fall off your roof as they age. By the end of their expected lifespan, they’ll become brittle and crack easily because the asphalt and the thin fiberglass mat have mostly been disintegrated by UV exposure.

However, if you’re having more granule loss than expected, then the asphalt fiberglass mat becomes exposed much faster and deteriorates more rapidly. If not properly addressed, you’ll be forced to get a premature replacement.

Subpar Workmanship

Your roof can also fail unexpectedly if you hired a subpar contractor for the job. Make sure to do your research, and hire a professional roof replacement contractor who has the necessary experience to properly install your roof. If the installation process isn’t up to standards, you’ll face more issues later on in your system’s lifespan.

Why Your Roof Should Be Regularly Maintained

If you want your roof to last as long as its expected lifespan, make sure to get it inspected regularly. A maintenance check is the best way to spot any minor problems and address them properly before they become too costly to repair. And, with a professional contractor, the roofer will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to ensure that it’s in good health as it protects your home from the outdoor elements!

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