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About Us Blog Common Roof Problems – How Does Shingle Curling Happen?

Common Roof Problems – How Does Shingle Curling Happen?

Have you noticed that some shingles in your roof are raised around their edges? If you answered yes, then it means your roof has a common problem called shingle curling. This issue is exclusive to asphalt shingle roofs, but how does it happen in the first place? 

A Multi-Layered Issue

Curling occurs exclusively on asphalt shingles because of how shingles are designed. Each shingle is made up of a surface layer and a base layer. The top surface has the asphalt granules bound in resin while the base layer is made of fiberglass or felt mat. Curling occurs when the top layer contracts, pulling the entire shingle over itself.

Hot and Cold

What causes the top layer to contract in the first place? According to our roofers, it’s because of frequent changes in temperature. The top layer expands and contracts depending on how hot or cold the weather is. Constant expanding and contracting weakens the surface layer’s bond to the base layer, and, when it contracts again, nothing much is keeping it from curling up from the sides.

Effect on the Roof

The early stages of shingle curling are relatively harmless and are mostly cosmetic in nature. However, severe cases of curling can compromise the roof’s ability to form a watertight barrier against rain and other elements. Since it’s better to deal with most roofing problems early on, we recommend calling a roof repair expert even at the earliest signs of shingle curling.

Dealing With Shingle Curling

Shingles that have already shown signs of curling can no longer be flattened out. Fortunately, finding replacement shingles is relatively easy. Roofing experts only have to get rid of the affected shingles and replace them with newer ones. In some cases, asphalt roofs that are near the end of their expected lifespan are preemptively replaced to avoid having to deal with shingle curling in the first place.

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