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Common Roofing Problem Areas

There’s a reason why your home’s roofing system should be maintained regularly. If it encounters an issue, and it’s not immediately addressed, it won’t be able to protect your home and its inhabitants as effectively as it should. For instance, a competent shingle roofer will always recommend replacing curling, broken, loose or missing shingles; otherwise, the affected area will be open to water or snow, and will eventually rot and grow mold.

To understand how you can properly maintain your roof, here are some of the problem areas you must consistently address:


Flashing is used to seal your roof’s system perimeters, edges, walls, penetrations, valleys, drains and any other areas where two roof slopes meet or end. Its primary function is to seal any voids in your roof system where water can otherwise leak into your home. The material is usually made from either galvanized steel or aluminum, and is usually installed in the valleys, around the chimney and even around dormer windows or skylights. 

One of the most common issues for flashing is weather deterioration and oxidation, but it’s also possible that flashing can simply come loose. While flashing can be cut and shaped from sheet metal, many flashing pieces today come preformed and can be applied by a professional roofing company.


Fascia is the trim running horizontally and situated vertically under the edge of your roof. It’s usually made of wooden boards or sheet metal. Its primary function is to act as a protective layer between the edge of the roof and the natural elements of the outdoors, and it also protects your home’s interior from weather damage by blocking moisture from entering into the structure. 

Fascia can have problems with moisture, a sign of which is rot or damage. If you see this on yours, have the affected area repaired or replaced immediately.


Your gutter system is designed to keep water away from your home’s foundation and to protect its structural integrity. Proper maintenance is needed to ensure your gutters are in their best condition, especially since they’re susceptible to water and debris buildup. If left unchecked, this causes mold and mildew to grow under your roof. Downspouts can also be backed up due to clogging, which is why regular cleaning is always recommended. 

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