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About Us Blog Cons And Contractors: Roofing Scams To Avoid

Cons And Contractors: Roofing Scams To Avoid

The number of roofing projects spikes during summer, but so do the number of roofing scams. Make sure you’re not conned out of your money by keeping an eye out for any of the common scams. Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc., your go-to company for leaking roof repair work in the state, elaborates on the two most common roofing ones below.


Storm Chasers

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in summer and often leave behind a trail of damage, which storm chasers follow. They’ll knock on the doors of storm-damaged homes and try to convince homeowners to get a new roof, even though they don’t need one.

Most homeowners would usually be skeptical of shady individuals like these. Anxiety can get the best of them at times, however.

A tell-tale sign of a storm chaser is their insistence on getting work done quickly. Roof replacement done by storm chasers is usually of shoddy quality as they’re always in a rush to install as many roofs in a storm-ravaged area as possible.

As a general rule for avoiding being scammed, always ask for the contractor’s license. And, don’t be pressured into agreeing to anything on the spot; a legitimate contractor wouldn’t be aggressive in trying to sell their services.

A Price That’s Too Good to Be True

Homeowners would naturally look for the best deals, but if the initial price offered by a contractor is too low, there might be a catch somewhere down the line. Once construction work begins, the contractor will supposedly encounter unforeseen material costs and raise the price. The price of construction materials fluctuate, but that’s no excuse for a contractor to increase prices in the middle of the project.

Ask for roofing estimates beforehand; most legitimate contractors offer free roof repair estimates anyway. That way, you’ll know what to expect. And, just to be on the safe side, you can go through the contract to see if there’s anything that prevents the contractor from arbitrarily raising prices. If there aren’t any, raise such a concern with your contractor.

Another way of making sure you’re hiring a qualified contractor is to ask for certifications. Certifications mean a contractor has undergone sufficient training and was vetted by an independent party.

Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc., is a GAF Master Elite® contractor with more than two decades’ worth of experience. We offer premium roofing products and a wide range of roofing services. To get a free roofing estimate, call (713) 244-5530