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Does Your Roof Help Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Roofs can last beyond their manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. While they mainly protect your home against the elements, they can also contribute to your property’s energy efficiency. 

Here are the different ways your roof can make your home more energy-efficient.


Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation ensures a consistent temperature in your attic, which is crucial to your roof’s health. Extreme heat can reduce your roof’s lifespan and affect your indoor comfort. Good attic ventilation ensures no warm air is trapped in the space directly below your roof, preventing heat buildup, which could lead to mold growth, rot and other forms of damage.

Solar Reflectivity

Depending on the material, your roof can reflect sunlight and reduce the amount of heat that gets absorbed into your attic. Doing so extends your roof’s lifespan and helps maintain a consistent and comfortable indoor temperature. 

Another great way to reduce solar heat absorption is by installing solar panels. The panels will cover your roof, absorb the heat and convert it into usable energy that your property can use. Many households across the country have switched to solar roofing for improved energy efficiency.

Shingle Color

Dark-colored asphalt shingles are generally known for absorbing more heat, so they’re practical for colder regions where they can contribute to heating indoor spaces. On the other hand, light-colored asphalt shingles are more suitable for warmer regions because they do not retain much heat.

Homeowners in warm climates can still use dark-colored asphalt shingles as long as they have properly insulated their property. Good insulation reduces the heat your home absorbs and allows your HVAC system to effectively maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

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