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About Us Blog Flashing Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Roof From Failing

Flashing Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Roof From Failing

Your roof works as a system, and, when one part fails, the efficiency of all its other parts is compromised. Every component matters, and that includes all the types of flashing your roof has, too, which is located on valleys, eaves and around your chimney. Here are a few reasons behind flashing failure.

Faulty Application

Poor installation is a major reason for flashing failure. Not all roofers have the same level of expertise, and some will, unfortunately, not do as good a job as certified expert contractors would. Make sure that you have a manufacturer-certified roofer working on your roof to avoid such a scenario. 

Low-Quality Materials

The quality of materials will definitely affect how well your roof will perform over time and during severe weather conditions. Low-quality materials may seem less costly until you consider the amount of money a leaking roof repair job will require – all because you chose poor-quality flashing for your roof. Work with a professional roofer who knows what will work best for your needs. This way, you can be assured that your entire roofing system will effectively protect your home for a long time.

Repair and Maintenance Delays

As with all other roofing problems, avoid pushing flashing repair needs aside. A slight detachment may seem trivial. But if a storm hits your area before you get that detachment fixed, your flashing may not hold up. Inquire about setting a regular roof inspection schedule as well. Doing so can help you get ahead of any type of flashing damage you may not be aware you had. 

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