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About Us Blog Have Termites Infested Your Roof? Here’s What To Do

Have Termites Infested Your Roof? Here’s What To Do

Termites can cause huge problems in your home. Drywood termites, for instance, can burrow into the wooden parts of your roofing system. Before you know it, you’re in need of a leaking roof repair or a fix to a more serious roofing issue.


How to Treat and Prevent Termite Infestation

If you suspect or you notice signs of termite infestation,you should call a professional right away. A contractor would be able to confirm the problem and determine the extent of damage. An inspection will also help experts figure out the best solution, which usually depends on the size of the infesting colony and the damage it has caused.

With regards to prevention, one of the best ways to deter termites is by painting the wood. Termites generally don’t like painted wood so you adding a layer of coating to your home’s wooden components can go a long way.

Additionally, you should consider installing bug screens on vents and attic windows. Make sure dried leaves don’t accumulate around your home, and be careful about storing firewood and lumber. These things can lure termites into your home.

Why You Should Treat the Problem Immediately

It’s often hard to locate termites, which makes them a bigger risk. While they remain unseen, they silently eat away at the wood in your roof. And, since termites spread fast, your roof’s wooden framing may weaken, compromising the entire roofing system and eventually your home’s structural integrity. Deal with termite infestation as soon as possible, and don’t wait for the condition of your roof worsen.

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