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About Us Blog Helpful Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Roofing System

Helpful Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Roofing System

Whether you’re planning a roof replacement or a professional inspection of your current roofing system, it’s important to maximize its energy efficiency. While roof maintenance is essential in keeping your roof in good condition, you should also consider other ways to achieve good energy efficiency. 


Check Your Roof’s Insulation 

The insulation layer beneath your roof acts as a thermal barrier that retains your indoor temperature levels to keep your home naturally cool. It also keeps your home warm for longer during the winter season. Insulation is crucial not only to maintain indoor air quality and comfort, but also to lower your home’s energy consumption. And with adequate insulation installed, your roof’s lifespan is also extended. 

Your roof’s insulation is found in your attic, so make sure it’s inspected by a trusted contractor who can determine if you have enough installed. During the inspection, contractors will also identify and seal any air holes and gaps so that they won’t affect your roof’s energy efficiency.

Select an Appropriate Shingle Color

Darker colored shingles tend to be inefficient in warmer climates, so they fare much better if you live in a colder environment. If you’re planning a full roof replacement, it’s important to consider the shingle color that’s recommended for your local climate. With the right shingle color, you can make a big difference in your energy costs! 

Check Your Roof Ventilation System

Even with a good layer of insulation, your attic can still accumulate heat, which can slowly cause damage to your roof’s inner layers and affect its lifespan. But with a proper ventilation system, your roof can prevent the warm air from accumulating in the attic. A good roof ventilation system must have an adequate number of intake and exhaust vents installed to facilitate adequate circulation of warm and cool air in your home.

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