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About Us Blog How Are Roofs Classified According To Fire Resistance?

How Are Roofs Classified According To Fire Resistance?

Today, all roofing products carry one of four possible fire rating classifications. These standards were made to help customers and professional roofing contractors understand how well a roof can protect your home against fire and other dangers.

With hot summer days just around the corner, homeowners all around Houston will be expecting high temperatures within the following weeks so there is no better time to learn about fire safety than right now.

Class A Roofs

Class A is the highest possible classification a roof can have. Some materials are intrinsically better suited to withstand fire hazards, such as tiles, slate, asphalt and composition shingles. To earn a Class A rating, a roof must resist flame spreading as close as six feet away and last up to four hours without catching fire or igniting. These roofing products are a requirement for homes in areas at risk for wildfires.

Class B Roofs

The B rating offers moderate level of fire resistance compared to Class A roofing products. These products can withstand flame spreading as far as eight feet away and last a good hour before igniting. The most common roofing systems that earn Class B roofs are pressure-treated shakes and shingles. They offer a medium degree of protection against fire and are a good choice for many homes.

Class C Roofs

Roofers do not recommend Class C roofs at all. These do not offer any protection against fire and are often banned for use as residential covering. Class C products include untreated wooden shakes and shingles, particleboard and other similar wood-based roofing systems.

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