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About Us Blog How Does Attic Insulation Benefit Your Roof?

How Does Attic Insulation Benefit Your Roof?

Asphalt shingles last for several years with proper maintenance from reliable roofing contractors. Aside from scheduled inspections, good attic insulation can also benefit your roof and extend its service life. 

In this article, we list the benefits of attic insulation to roofing systems.


Ice Dam Prevention

Ice dams cause severe water damage to roofs. They occur because of poorly insulated attics that cause uneven roof surface temperatures. Due to poor attic insulation, the roof develops warmer and colder areas. Snow then melts on the warm spots and refreezes upon reaching colder sections. With good attic insulation, you can maintain consistent roof temperatures and prevent ice dams from forming.

Good Airflow

Heat accelerates roof material degradation because it expands the material too much. Trapped hot air will build up in the attic and descend into your living spaces. Excellent attic insulation slows down heat transfer. It also works hand in hand with attic ventilation, which releases warm air and takes in fresh air from the outside. 

Preservation of Roofing Structure

Mold growth and wood rot occur in humid attics. They weaken the sheathing and rafters holding the entire roof material. A well-designed attic insulation system reduces heat and moisture, prolonging the roof’s lifespan.

Longer Roof Lifespan

Your roof’s lifespan gets shorter if your roof is always exposed to heat and moisture. Attic insulation reduces exposure to these elements and improves your roof’s lifespan and protective capacity.

You may need to update your insulation if you notice old and tattered insulation, drafty rooms and high energy bills. Other signs include ice dam formations and inconsistent room temperatures.

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