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About Us Blog How Does Roof Pitch Affect Its Cost?

How Does Roof Pitch Affect Its Cost?

One of the biggest and most expensive parts of your home is the roofing system. If you ask any roofing company, the team will tell you that your roof’s overall cost will heavily depend on its pitch. What is the roof’s pitch, and why is it so important when it comes to the roof’s overall cost. Read on to find out.

What Is the Pitch?

Also known as the “slope”, the roof’s pitch refers to how steep or shallow your roof’s profile is. High-pitched roofs tend to be tall and steep while low-sloped roofs are broad and on the flatter side of things. Both roofing options are popular, but they are different enough in terms of construction and performance even if they’re covering the same structure.

Supporting Structure

In order to build a high-pitched roof, a shingle roofer must install high support beams to make the roof strong enough to hold its shape. Low-pitched roofs still require support beams, but they are not as tall and are much easier to install. This makes high-pitched roofs cost more to install than low-pitched ones.

Amount of Material

Even if you use the same materials for different-pitched roofs, you’ll immediately realize that the high-pitched version will cost more to install. This is because a high-pitched roof needs bigger planes (the individual flat sections of the roof) to cover the same area that a low-pitched roof.

Complexity of Installation

A quick look at the previous factors should be more than enough to give you an idea that building a high-pitched roof will cost more than a low-pitched one. Aside from that, working on a high-pitched roof is inherently more dangerous because of how steep the roof surface is. This extra hazard further adds to the overall cost of a high-pitched roof according to people who provide free roof estimates.

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