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How To Check Your Roof After A Hurricane

Did a hurricane recently hit your area? The most costly roof repairs tend to be caused by strong winds and impact damage. This is why you need to know how to check for signs of roofing damage as soon as possible.

Scan the Surroundings

Before going up the roof, take a walk around your house, and check for bits of your roof that may have fallen off. Shingles, flashing and even sections of your gutters might have been knocked off your roof. Other roof components that could’ve been blown away include the fascia board and roof vent covers.

Check for Leaks Indoors

If any leaks on your roof emerged during the hurricane, there’s a good chance that signs of moisture damage have already shown up indoors. Leaking roof repair experts say that you should keep an eye on the ceiling for water spots or dark streaks running down your walls. Older leaks could also have other signs, such as mold or mildew spots.

Start From the Ground

Plenty of roofing problems can be spotted by performing an inspection from the ground. A good way to do this is to view your house from the road or across the street. According to roof replacement experts, you’ll be able to see problems like missing shingles and signs of sagging.

Call a Professional

Because going up a (potentially) compromised roof is dangerous, it’s better to leave the roof inspection to the pros. Aside from having more knowledge and experience in looking for the smallest signs of roofing problems, roof replacement experts also have the right gear to get the job done safely.

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