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How To Come Up With A Good Roofing Budget

When you’re planning to have your roof replaced, one of the first things you need to do is work on a budget. To do this, you can hire a trusted roofing contractor to conduct an inspection. This will also determine whether minor repairs are necessary or if your entire roof needs to be replaced.

A good roofing budget is necessary if you want to be practical. Here’s how to create one.

Write an Outline

If your roof is over 15 years old, then it should be inspected for a full replacement. Take note of your roof’s size and pitch, your home’s structure, local permits and contractor fees in your outline. Research each aspect of your roof, such as its size and material requirements; these will help you set your estimated budget.

Get a Roofing Estimate 

It’s always important to ask for free roof repair estimates from several contractors so you’ll have an idea of how much your roofing project is going to cost. Doing this also offers insight into the needed work, the projected labor hours and the materials that will be used. Get at least five estimates before choosing who to work with, and don’t choose a contractor just because the offered rate is low. Also, make sure your selected contractors are properly licensed and insured.

Get Everything on Paper

Everything should at least be recorded or written down so you’ll have a paper trail that might be useful later on in the process. Make sure to write down all of your expenses and your income, including each and every time that you spend money so that you can easily track where your disposable income is going. If your income minus your expenses is less than the monthly amount that you need to save for the new roof, you’ll have to find another source of income or cut some expenses.

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