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About Us Blog How To Easily Navigate Through A Roof Insurance Claim

How To Easily Navigate Through A Roof Insurance Claim

The process of filing a roof insurance claim can be stressful or daunting for some homeowners, especially after a severe weather event. Regardless, you’ll need to prepare for this so that you can have a smooth and convenient experience. 


Examine the Paperwork

Don’t commit the mistake of keeping essential paperwork in a secluded place and only reading through it during an emergency. When you get your new roof, make sure that you read through the roof’s warranty and insurance thoroughly when you have free time. Note down important information or if there are details that need to be clarified.

Hire a Roofer Immediately

Get help from the top roofing contractors in your area to see the severity of the damage of your roof after the weather event. Doing so immediately allows you to learn how much damage your roof has sustained and ensures the safety of everyone at home. Your roofers will do patchwork repairs immediately to prevent damage from worsening. Delaying repairs will also void your warranty due to negligence.

Document Everything

Documentation is key when you’re filing for an insurance claim. Record the time and date when the storm struck your area, and take photos of the damage on your home’s exterior. This will help solidify your claim and increase your chances of getting substantial compensation for the damage your home has sustained. It’s also a good idea to keep all of your documentation in the cloud for easier access.

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