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About Us Blog How You Can Prepare Your Home For Roof Installation

How You Can Prepare Your Home For Roof Installation

Even the highest rated roofer would tell you that roofing installation is a necessary but messy process, especially if your roof was damaged. Like any home renovation project, your home will need to be thoroughly prepared to expedite the installation.


Trim Your Grass

One of the first steps you should take when preparing your home is to trim your lawn. The shorter the grass is, the easier it will be for your roofers when using their magnetic nail finder to retrieve lost nails or staples that can cause harm to your household.

Protect Your Items

The next step is protecting the items in your attic. Since your roofing contractor will be tearing off your roof, it’s best that you cover your stored items and valuables with a tarpaulin or plastic sheet during the process. While your contractor will take great pains to ensure nothing will be damaged in either the exterior or interior of your home, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. With the added protection, the falling shingles, nails or debris won’t damage your valuables during the installation. 

Move All Exterior Items Far Away

Finally, it’s best that you move any exterior fixtures away from your home for the duration of the process. This not only includes your plants or lawn decorations, but your vehicles in the driveway as well. This minimizes any chances of damaging them while the contractors drop debris and discarded parts over the side of your roof.

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