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About Us Blog Lesser-Known Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

Lesser-Known Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

We all know that hiring a good contractor is important if you want your roof to be repaired or replaced properly. One of the best ways to narrow down your list of potential hires is by asking a few questions, but what if everybody knows how to answer the general stuff? If that’s the case, then it’s time to hit them with these lesser-known questions.

What’s Your Legal Business Name?

Asking for a contractor’s legal name serves two purposes. First, it helps you confirm that it is a legit business. Next, it also makes it easier for you to check the credentials later by looking the contractors up online. If you think they are hesitant or they’re taking too long to provide proof of their legal business name, chances are they’re not “legit” contractors.

Who Will Be On the Worksite?

Ask your potential hires if they will be working with an inhouse crew or hiring a third party contractor for the job. While it’s normal practice for some roofing companies to get help from subcontractors, it’s better to look for contractors with an inhouse crew. This way, it’s easier to make sure that the roofers working on the site have the credentials.

Does Your Inspector Have to Inspect the Roof From Inside the Home?

This one is sort of a trick question. It comes across as you not really wanting to have someone go inside your home to check your roof. However, reputable contractors know that a proper inspection requires taking a look at the less visible parts of your home. If the inspectors are fine just looking at what can be seen from outside, there’s a chance that they’ll end up missing plenty of hidden roofing issues.

Can You Just Build Over My Old Roof?

One way to check if your roofing contractor is just out for a quick buck is by suggesting faster or easier alternatives. If the roofers are too eager to say yes, then they’re probably just after your money. If a layover is actually a viable option, legit roofing contractors will give you a rundown on the pros and cons of the procedure. Otherwise, they will insist on a full replacement for your property’s sake.

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