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New Construction Roofing 101

In the roofing industry, there are many factors that define the comfort, efficiency and beauty of your home. Homeowners usually think about materials, styles and colors, among others. However, knowing about significant processes is critical to the success of your home improvement or building projects, too. For example, can you identify the difference between a roof replacement and new construction roofing?

Roof Replacement vs. New Construction Roofing

The two methods are generally called upon at distinct occasions. A roof replacement, repair and renovation are not parts of the process of new construction roofing. With new construction, the primary role is to plan and construct the roofing system according to the new development or building. Meanwhile, any kind of roof renovation suggests that there is already an existing building or structure to work on and improve.

The Process of New Construction Roofing

Hiring a reliable and experienced roofing company is the best method to ensure that your building construction will be led towards success. They invest time and effort into all details and stages of the project for the satisfaction and safety of their customers. The new roof process requires the following stages:

1. Inspect and analyze: The process of roofing construction begins with a detailed inspection of the entire building envelope. After, your roofer will customize solutions for your roofing needs.

2. Plan and design: The design team aims to develop a roofing system that meets all of your performance, wind, insulation and slope requirements.

3. Price and propose: Your contractor will now provide you with the proposal that covers all details including cost, timeline and approach.

4. Installation: Once you approve the proposal, you will proceed to the installation stage. A professional roofer will observe cleanliness and make sure that minimal disruption is provided to operations.

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