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About Us Blog Picking The Right Roof Ventilation System For Your Home

Picking The Right Roof Ventilation System For Your Home

Proper air circulation is crucial to the performance of your roofing system. That’s why it has a ventilation system in place that helps prevent the buildup of moist, warm air inside the attic space. Otherwise, your roof will sustain damage from mold and mildew growth while giving form to a number of other issues. But not all roof vents are the same. Here’s how you can choose the right roof ventilation system for your home.




  1. If you’re not using the attic as a living space, choose roof turbine vents. This particular option uses large, rotating blades to swiftly extract air from your attic. When installed and maintained properly, roof turbine vents can deliver long-lasting performance. Plus, they don’t use electricity. Roof turbine vents can be noisy, however, so if you’re using the attic as a living space, the sound they generate can be a tad annoying.
  2. If you want your roof vents to keep a low-profile, pick ridge vents. They are designed to look similar to your shingles, which means you can maintain your roof’s aesthetics. Ridge vents run across the length of your roof peak, using an advanced system that allows only air to enter through your roof. Because they run along the length of your roofing system, ridge vents distribute air more evenly. This means they help keep a more consistent temperature inside your home.  For example, the GAF Cobra® Rigid Vent 3™ allows for smooth and reliable ventilation. It is cap shingle compatible and comes with a flexible hinge design that allows it to fit perfectly with any slope roofing. Plus, it comes with a lifetime limited warranty when installed on a GAF Lifetime Shingle roofing system.
  3. If you want to save energy, get solar-powered roof vents. An eco-friendly option, this ventilation system only needs sunlight to work. The GAF Master Flow® Green Machine™ solar-powered vent systems are an example of these types of vents.