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Questions Answered By A Commercial Roof Inspection

Your roof is a business asset along with the rest of your commercial building. When you get a roof inspection, it should be performed by a knowledgeable, reputable and trustworthy expert who knows exactly what to do and what to look for on your property. The roof inspection report you receive should contain the answers to the following questions.


What Is the Condition of the Roof Plane?

The trajectory of a roof plane (AKA the field) affects how well rain drains from the roof surface. A poorly maintained flat roof will have pools of standing water that could cause roof leaks. These pools form because of unwanted changes in the roof plane. Unattended roof leaks can cause major damage to your commercial roofing system, so, if your report states that there’s a problem like this, then you should deal with it immediately.

What Is the Condition of the Flashing?

Flashing refers to the thin pieces of impervious material that protects the roof joints. They seal gaps and prevent water from leaking under the roof surface. Your commercial roofing report should contain information on the condition of your flashing because the flashing is an important part of your roof’s weather barrier system. As an expert commercial roofing contractor, we make sure that the flashing on our customers’ roofs always stay in good condition.

Is the Roof Drainage System in Good Condition?

Most commercial buildings have low-slope roofs. Unlike the roofs on residential properties, low-slope roofs need specially designed drainage systems to prevent roof leaks. Your commercial roof inspection report should always include information about the condition of your roof’s primary and secondary drainage system. If there’s a problem with the drainage systems, then it’s very likely that your roof will soon develop a leak.

The contractor you hire for your commercial roof inspection should be the highest rated roofer in your area, and the company should have many years of experience. Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc., fits the bill. We have worked on all kinds of commercial properties since 1998. We can answer all of your questions regarding your commercial roof’s condition. Call us at (713) 244-5530