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About Us Blog Reading Your Roof: What’s Normal, And What Isn’t?

Reading Your Roof: What’s Normal, And What Isn’t?

Your roof is one of your home’s main protection against weather extremes and harsh outdoor elements. With proper installation and maintenance, your roofing system can last for decades. However, like all parts of your exterior, it deteriorates as it ages. But it’s hard to tell what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to your roof


What’s Normal?

Shingles start to age as soon as your contractor installs them on your roof. The sun can increase the roof’s temperature by up to 70 degrees above the ambient air temperature. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can also speed up the deterioration of roofing materials. Other elements that can contribute to roof shingle aging include hail, snow, ice, pollution, debris and foot traffic.

Curling is common in asphalt shingles and not considered as damage. Asphalt shingles age and shrink with time, causing them to curl on the edges. Small cracks can also become evident in the shingles years after installation. You don’t need to call your contractor for a leaking roof repair as long as the cracks don’t allow water to enter your home.

In humid areas, dark brown or black streaks on the roof are normal. These spots are usually the result of algae growth on the shingles, but don’t affect their performance.

What Isn’t

Insufficient attic ventilation can cause asphalt shingles to blister. While closed blisters don’t affect the shingles’ ability to shed water, popped ones can allow water penetration. Make sure to address blistered shingles immediately before they turn into costly repairs.

Moreover, buckling is often caused by improper roof ventilation, problems with the roof deck or faulty installation. Have deep cracks penetrating through the fiberglass mat inspected by a professional since they are vulnerable to leaks. You should also be concerned about excessive granule loss as it can expose the shingles’ asphalt layer.

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