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About Us Blog Roof Blisters: An Immediate Or A Long-Term Threat?

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You may be alarmed at the sight of small bumps on your roof, but you shouldn’t panic just yet. These are called roof blisters, and, while they pose no immediate threat to your roof, they will eventually pop and cause significant damage.


Trapped Moisture and Extreme Heat: The Causes of Blisters

Manufacturing errors or improper installation work can leave small empty spaces in your roof that may contain pockets of moisture. As the sun heats up the shingles, pressure in these pockets starts to rise and push up the shingle’s surface; this results in blisters.

Other times, blisters can form on an extremely hot roof surface. Poorly ventilated roofs are prone to this particular problem.

Immediate and Long-Term Threats: Damage Mitigation

Take note that the threat posed by blisters depends on how many they are. Normally, the roof membrane can handle small movements and, as such, would be able to withstand a few blisters. If, however, there are more than a few on your roof, they can pose a real threat.

Luckily, it’ll take some time for these blisters to pop. Having a shingle roofer install new shingles before they pop is the best way to prevent long-term damage.

Installations and Inspections: Preventing Blisters

Hiring qualified roofers will ensure your roof won’t have any voids or moisture pockets that may lead to blisters. Installing a ventilation system for your attic and roof can also help. Keep in mind these two measures are by no means a guarantee your roof won’t suffer blisters. After all, gradual wear and tear can still create cracks, which can serve as entry points for rainwater. That’s why periodic roof inspections are also a necessity.

It’s easy to miss the warning signs, however. To make sure roof inspections will be as thorough as possible, only hire certified and experienced contractors.

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