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About Us Blog Roof Flashing 101: What Homeowners Should Know

Roof Flashing 101: What Homeowners Should Know

There’s the shingles, and then there’s the roof vent–but not everyone knows where the flashing is, or what it even looks like. While often overlooked, the flashing is crucial in protecting your roofing system and home from water damage. Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc., one of the leading residential roofers in your area, provides an overview about this essential roof component.


What is Roof Flashing?

This is basically a strip of material that’s curved to fit your roofing. The flashing is installed in the more leak-prone spots of your system such as the area around the valleys, dormers, skylights, vents, chimneys, or anything that protrudes from the roof surface. Having this component in place ensures that no water can find its way into your roof and into your home. It is available in different materials, including:

  • Aluminum. This is the most popular material used because it’s durable and cost-effective. Flashing made of aluminum is lightweight, making it faster and easier to install. 
  • Lead. This type of flashing is soft and easy to bend, while remaining durable. Lead flashing is typically used around chimneys.
  • Copper. While costlier than most options, copper flashing offers great durability and classic good looks. If you own a historical home, then this is perfect for its roof.

How Long Does Roof Flashing Last?

This will depend on the material used, but the flashing may last up to 20 years–almost as long as the standard shingle roof. Given the importance of its role in keeping your roof in shape, the flashing will require a regular inspection. This is especially crucial following a major weather event, which can leave it loose or torn. Should that be the case, turn to a trusted roofing contractor like Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. for the necessary solutions.

Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. is your go-to choice for the highest quality roofing solutions. As a GAF®️ MasterElite™ contractor, we offer a range of reliable and long-lasting roofing systems available today. They have all the necessary components, from lovely architectural shingles and advanced ventilation systems, to a durable and water-tight flashing–to provide the best performance. We proudly serve Houston, TX and the nearby areas. Call us today at (713) 466-4447