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About Us Blog Sagging Roofs: Causes and Solutions

Sagging Roofs: Causes and Solutions

Any homeowner would be concerned to see a sagging roof. Since roofs should look straight and flat, their sagging can indicate a number of different problems. Even though you don’t want to deal with it, it’s a typical problem, especially in older homes. Here’s what you need to know about the problem and how to fix it.


What Causes Roof Sagging?

There are four major causes of a sagging roof:

  • Water damage. Your roof can be subjected to rain, hail or sleet. Any gap or fissure allows moisture to enter. Any moisture that makes its way into a crack in a home with cold temperatures can freeze and grow, worsening the crack. When enough moisture penetrates your roof, it might collapse. Your roof may start to sag over time as a result of rot and rust.
  • Age. When roofing materials get too old, they may not be able to maintain their position as well as they originally could. Roofing materials deteriorate over time. If your roof is not too old, it shouldn’t start to sag. For roof maintenance, you need to hire an expert. But if you keep using asphalt shingles after they have reached the end of their useful lives, they could start to sag.
  • Inadequate support. The main roofing structure is supported by a network of joints and rafters on your roof. The base of the roof is formed by the roof joints, which is also where your ceiling is located. From the crest to the margins, the rafters run diagonally. The issue may result in the roof sinking if these are insufficient or are fitted incorrectly.

Solutions to Sagging Roofs

The way to fix a sagging roof depends on what caused it. Usually, the framing can be strengthened on the inside. But if your roof needs to be replaced, it’s best to replace the old sheathing and put in bigger rafters. Sheathing problems in truss-frame roofs can be fixed the same way, but problems with the frame should be handled by a professional.

To work on a roof, you need the right training and experience. By doing the job yourself, you risk getting hurt and doing more damage to your roof. Fixing a sagging roof may involve framing, sheathing, roofing and even finishing the inside. To ensure its success, hire only a trusted, experienced contractor for the job.

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