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About Us Blog Shingle Roof Installation Mistakes That Cause Problems

Shingle Roof Installation Mistakes That Cause Problems

An asphalt shingle roof that isn’t installed according to manufacturer instructions is more than just unappealing – it is also unable to protect the home against the elements. Overlooking even the small details can lead to such problems. So, if you are looking to hire a roofing contractor for your roof replacement, make sure they are qualified and certified to perform the job. Expert roofers make sure not to commit mistakes that are known to impact the roof in a bad way.


The Lack of Starter Shingles

Starter shingles are installed at the eaves and rakes to protect these parts against blow-offs and water damage. The roofers then apply the first course of shingles on top of them. A roof without starter shingles causes water channels to form where the shingles align across the first course. This exposes the deck to moisture, affecting the structural integrity of the whole roof in the long run.

Improper Shingle Alignment

Precise asphalt shingle alignment is essential to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the entire roof. Experts roofers make sure to apply each course of shingles in a staggered, stepped pattern. Placing a course too high or too low compared to the previous course would affect the roof’s weather performance and seal strength. Not only that, but the improper alignment can easily be noticeable from the ground.

Inadequate Nailing

Proper nailing helps the shingles stay in place and stop leaks from occurring. Roofing manufacturers provide instructions to roofers on how to fasten the shingles properly to the roof deck. These include the number of nails for each shingle and the placement of the nails. The use of equipment is also important. Setting the pneumatic nail gun to the right pressure helps prevent over- and under-driven nails.

As an established roofing contractor in the local area, Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality shingles for your roof. We obtained several certifications from the top roofing brands, including GAF, CertainTeed® and Owens Corning®. This means that our installers are capable of installing asphalt shingle roofing systems according to manufacturer specifications.