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Signs Of Poor Roof Installation

Roof replacement is a significant investment. It must be done correctly to ensure adequate protection and excellent curb appeal. If you suspect your roof was not properly installed, look out for these four common signs of poor roof installation.


Misaligned Shingles 

If your shingles are not properly aligned, water can enter through the gaps and cause leaks or other problems. Ideally, you should hire certified roofers so you can avoid this problem. This also ensures that the installation error will be covered by your roofing warranties. 

Incorrect Flashing Installation

Flashing is essential in protecting roof structures from leaks. Your chimneys, vents, valleys and skylights all require proper flashing installation. If your new roof flashing is installed incorrectly, water can seep through the gaps in between and cause water-related damage. This compromises the effectiveness of your roof and shortens its lifespan. To maximize the service life of your roof, make sure that every component was properly installed.

Wrong Nails

Your roofer should use the correct size and type of nail to ensure proper nailing. The placement of the nails is also crucial. Incorrect nail use can void your roofing warranty after your replacement. It can also cause your shingles to get blown off during a storm, which will then leave the rest of your roofing system exposed to water and other elements.

Faulty Gutter Installation

Professional roofers install your gutters correctly with a consistent angle measurement to ensure water runoff goes straight to your downspouts and away from your home. Proper gutter installation also prevents standing water, which could back up onto your roof and damage the shingles.

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