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About Us Blog Signs Your Roof Has Been Ravaged By High Winds

Signs Your Roof Has Been Ravaged By High Winds

Being able to identify wind damage is a skill every homeowner should have. Without it, you may struggle to get your insurance claims approved and run the risk of paying for repairs on your own.


Loose Gutters

A sagging gutter system can be indicative of wind damage. Few forces of nature can loosen structurally sound gutters and downspouts.Then again, just because your gutters are not trying to break away from your house after a storm does not mean high winds did not affect your roofing system. If you have asphalt shingles, finding excessive granules in the gutters after a powerful wind event is a cause for concern, which merits further inspection.

Curling Shingles

There are many culprits for shingle curling. But you should suspect strong winds if your shingles seemed to curl overnight. The materials located at the edges or corners of your roof are the most vulnerable to high winds. When the wind blows too hard, such shingles could loosen due to stress.

Rooftop Twigs and Leaves

Gusts of at least 45 miles per hour (mph) are strong enough to tear down tree branches. Many of the debris could end up on your roof so watch out for any piles of twigs and leaves. They may seem harmless, but they could damage the surface of your roof and attract moisture over time.

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