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About Us Blog The Difference Between Roof Damage And Aging

The Difference Between Roof Damage And Aging

By proactive maintenance and care, you can track the reason for your roof’s degeneration. Being able to tell the root cause of your roofing issues can help you with the repairs. The difference between roof damage caused by adverse weather conditions and normal wearing due to age can help you prevent further roofing issues. To help you differentiate the two, Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. discusses the different signs of roof damage and aging.


Roof Damage

If properly maintained, your roof should last a few decades. Here are some signs that tell you your roof damage is not because of old age:

  1. Separation of flashing around trim, chimneys, valleys, skylights, rakes or walls of your home can be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. If the flashing expands or contracts, the flange lifts, allowing water into your property. This implies leaks can cause more damage.

  2. Hailstorms seriously damage your roof. Dents in the flashing along the roof’s perimeter are one sign. Roofing hail damage is marked by insurance adjusters.

  3. Broken metal roof vent is another sign. Roof vents are not easy to wear down with age, so in case of a broken metal roof vent, contact your local roofers. Quick treatment is fine for an emergency, but not long-term. If not addressed, it will worsen.

Damage Due to Aging

An aging roof will often experience minor hiccups. It does not need immediate repair, but it’s best to replace your roof with a new, energy-efficient roofing system when these signs show up:

  1. Roofing has granules to protect it from intense sunlight and other factors. If you detect some of these sediments after your roof replacement, don’t worry. However, aging roofs can suffer severe granule loss, leaving bald patches.

  2. High winds can move shingles, exposing the layers beneath to water damage. If you reside in a high-wind area, invest in reinforced shingles or starting strips to avoid tear-offs.

  3. Your roof naturally fades with age, especially darker colors. Constant sunlight fades the color of this roofing material. A fading roof is probably nearing its end.

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