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About Us Blog The Importance Of The Roof's Underlayment

The Importance Of The Roof's Underlayment

The roof bears the brunt of the punishment from harsh weather factors that can damage your home. However, your roof’s ability to protect your home doesn’t solely lie on the shingles or surface panels. The underlayment is also an important component in your roof’s ability to protect your home. 


What Is the Underlayment?

The underlayment is a layer of waterproof material (usually felt, rubber or plastic) that is located right underneath the roof’s shingles. Underlayment is secured to the roof deck using fasteners, adhesive or a combination of both.

Secondary Water Barrier

The underlayment’s main purpose is to act as a secondary barrier against moisture. This is because small gaps between the shingles or the roofing panels can cause water to seep through it. Instead of making its way to the roof trusses and the deck, which is usually made of wood, the underlayment blocks the moisture until it eventually dries off.

Last Resort Wind Protection

The underlayment also provides limited protection against strong winds. When strong winds blow away a few shingles, it creates a gap that could let more wind inside the roofing system, creating lift that can destroy the rest of the roof’s intact shingles. The underlayment isn’t completely wind-proof, but it reduces the space where wind can get through and cause more problems. It also blocks wind-borne debris that could get collected inside the roofing system.

The Importance of Proper Installation

The underlayment must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications if you want it to function properly. Otherwise, mistakes in installation can compromise its ability to provide extra protection for your roof. This is why we strongly recommend working with the highest rated roofer in your area to make sure your underlayment is installed by skilled and well-equipped people.

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