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About Us Blog The Most Common Reasons For Roof Replacement Delays

The Most Common Reasons For Roof Replacement Delays

A roof replacement project requires careful planning in order to be successful and to finish on time. Although delays can happen, most of these issues can be avoided with enough preparation.

Today, we talk about the most common reasons for delays during roof replacement. We also share tips on how to avoid them and ensure your project stays on track.

Supplier Issues

These can happen when there’s a roofing material shortage or the supplier is experiencing some difficulties. In some cases, suppliers receive incorrect measurements or quantities or change orders. These setbacks can push back your project timeline and affect your budget. To avoid roof supplier issues, place orders long before the project begins. Doing so will ensure the supplier will have enough time to source materials and make sure these materials reach you on time.

Unpredictable Weather

Heavy rainfall or storms will surely interrupt your project timeline. Watch out for forecasted rains, and avoid scheduling your roofing project during the rainy season or in winter. Spring is usually the most ideal time for roof replacement because of the moderate weather. It has the least chance of rain and the best temperatures for comfortable working conditions.

Lack of Permits

Check with your local building department if a permit is needed for your roof replacement. If you live in a community with a homeowners association (HOA), you should also ask your HOA board if you need to obtain a permit from them. These permits can be your roofer’s responsibility, but confirm this with your contractor as you may need to pay an extra fee for the service. Be sure that someone is handling the paperwork for you.

You can expect your roofing project to go as smoothly as possible if you work with the best roofers in the area. Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. guarantees exceptional services and workmanship. Contact us at (713) 466-4447, or complete our contact form to request a quote.