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About Us Blog Tips For Inspecting Your Roof After A Hailstorm

Tips For Inspecting Your Roof After A Hailstorm

When inspecting your roof after a hailstorm, you have to act systematically. A methodical approach is necessary in order for you to tick all the boxes and properly identify every sign of damage. 


Write Down the Details of the Hailstorm

First of all, take note of when the storm occurred. Jot down the exact date and time, and consult news articles if you forgot this information. It also helps to record when you think the hail first affected your house.

Get Binoculars, a Tape Measure and a Smartphone

Use tools to complement your senses. It is never advisable to get or walk on traverse your roof, especially after the storm. Use binoculars to assess your roofing system’s condition from the ground. In case you find any hailstones, use a tape measure to record the sizes.Most importantly, take lots of photos. Take a snapshot of every problem you may find with your phone in order to document hail damage as soon as possible. The evidence you can collect can decide who will shoulder most of the cost of roof replacement (if it is necessary).

Watch Out for Dented Metal Components and Scratched Shingles

Hail damages various building materials differently. Metal is strong enough to stay in one piece, but it can bend upon hail impact due to its malleability. Check the shape of your gutters and downspouts to see how the storm has changed their appearance.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, may crack and lose their protective granules because of hail. Look for random dark marks to detect hail impact. These landing spots may feel like bruised fruit when touched.

Whether you found obvious signs of hail damage or are unsatisfied with your own evaluation, get in touch with Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. Call (713) 244-553