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About Us Blog Top 4 Ways To Extend The Service Life Of Your Roof

Top 4 Ways To Extend The Service Life Of Your Roof

A typical shingle roofing system can last up to 20 years depending on the quality of the material. But sometimes, it can’t even reach its 15th year due to issues stemming from weather damage. To extend the lifespan of your current roofing system, you’ll need to consider a few essentials. Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc., the area’s best roofing company, shares four of them in today’s blog.




  1. Deal with roof leaks promptly. Even the smallest roof leaks can cause major water damage to your home, so it pays to have them patched immediately. Not waiting until the leaks get worse can help you avoid costly repairs in the long run, while ensuring your roof remains in fighting condition. This, in turn, allows for a longer-lasting roofing system.
  2. Work only with a reliable roofing contractor. Proper workmanship is crucial when it comes to dealing with your roofing problems. When going for professional help, make sure to choose someone dependable like Punum Roofing of Houston, Inc. We are a fully licensed, insured, and experienced roofing contractor, ensuring only a smooth and worry-free experience when you let us handle your roof repair, maintenance, or replacement. We can keep your system lasting longer with our premier services.
  3. Check your attic ventilation regularly. You probably already know how important attic ventilation is to your roof. Whether your vents are ridge, turbine, or solar-powered, they work to prevent moisture buildup in your attic. By allowing proper air circulation in the space, there’s reduced potential for mold and mildew growth, which can compromise your roof’s structural integrity and your home’s health if left unchecked. Make sure to keep your vents unblocked, even in the cold season, to prevent these issues.
  4. Avoid actions that can nullify roof warranties. Your roof warranty typically offers coverage against normal wear and tear, helping keep your roof in shape. That’s why you should refrain from doing things that can void them, which may include installing a satellite dish on the roof surface, pressure washing the shingles, reroofing, or having improper roof ventilation.