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About Us Blog Wavy And Rippled Roofs: What Are Their Usual Causes?

Wavy And Rippled Roofs: What Are Their Usual Causes?

A wavy or rippled asphalt shingle roof can have several causes. No matter how minor the damage may be, ignoring it means it can spread to the rest of your roof, and you’ll end up paying for more costly repairs. To determine the cause, it must be checked closely by a professional who’ll know how to address the issue properly. After all, only a licensed roofing contractor can provide a detailed report and figure out the best solution for this type of roof damage.

Here are the common causes of wavy or rippled asphalt shingle roofs.


Shoddy Workmanship

An improperly installed asphalt shingle roof can look wavy or rippled within a few years. Make sure to hire professional roofing contractors who are licensed and trained in asphalt shingle roofing. You can be confident that they’ll know how to nail the shingle in the right direction so that they won’t get easily blown off during strong winds or severe weather. 

Poor Ventilation Design

A solid roof replacement should be more than just visually impressive, but also effective in keeping your home comfortable. A good roof ventilation system allows the cool air to replace the warm air inside the attic that’s escaping through the exhaust vents. As such, it should have enough intake and exhaust vents installed to facilitate proper air circulation. But if you have insufficient vents installed, moisture starts forming under the decking boards which will seep through and cause warping. This then leads to ripples and buckles on the roofing shingles. 

Constant Wind Damage

Wavy and rippled asphalt shingles are sometimes the result of constant wind damage. If the damage is still minor and the roofing materials are mostly intact, they can still be repaired by reapplying adhesive on the affected areas. They should be smoothed down properly to hold them in place. However, if there’s evidence of creasing, cracking or any type of damage caused by the wind, the affected shingles must be replaced to prevent water from leaking through into the interiors. 

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