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About Us Blog What Can Unexpectedly Raise your Roof Replacement Costs?

What Can Unexpectedly Raise your Roof Replacement Costs?

A roof replacement requires thorough budget planning so you don’t go overboard with your expenses. Unfortunately, several unexpected circumstances can increase your costs, which is why roofers recommend adding 20% to your budget to cover the extra repairs. 

Continue reading to learn more about the unforeseen situations that can increase your roof replacement costs.


Property Damage

If you keep your belongings safe and adequately prepare your home, you can reduce the risk of property damage. Damage to vehicles parked near the project site will add to your expenses, so park them elsewhere before the project starts. Remove or cover furniture and items under or near the roof, such as wall hangings, picture frames, plants and other items.

To ensure you’re not liable for damage to your property, only work with licensed roofers with general liability insurance.

Underlying Roofing Problems

Your attic and sheathing could be in poor condition and require replacements, adding to your total project expenses. A tear-off roof replacement lets experts look at your roof’s sheathing and attic. Reliable contractors will recommend replacing rotted wood and rafters to support the new roof they’ll install. Doing so also ensures the system is eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty.

Building Code Violations

You’ll have additional expenses if you need to update your old home to comply with new building codes. This is necessary to avoid being fined by your local government or redoing the entire project.

Seasonal Changes

Roofing difficulty varies per season. This means a quote you received in summer will no longer apply in winter. Make sure to schedule your project soon after receiving a quote from your chosen contractor.

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