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About Us Blog What Questions About The Roof Should You Ask A Home Seller?

What Questions About The Roof Should You Ask A Home Seller?

The roof provides a crucial layer of protection from the elements, which is why it should be a priority when buying a pre-owned property. Today, we share the questions to ask about the roof before making an offer on a house.


What Repairs Were Done to the Roof?

The frequency and quality of roof repairs affect its overall lifespan and give you an idea about potential issues. You can expect a well-maintained roof to require fewer repairs. If the seller didn’t have a regular maintenance schedule, you can hire a roofer to evaluate the roof’s condition before deciding to buy the property.

How Old Is the Roof?

An older roof is naturally more prone to various issues, such as leaks. Knowing the age of the roof allows you to anticipate such problems and prepare for imminent replacement. Alternatively, you can expect fewer problems with a new roof. That’s why you should ask the seller for a copy of the roof’s receipt or warranty. If there’s none, you can hire a roofing company to inspect and evaluate the roof’s age and condition.

When Was the Roof’s Most Recent Inspection?

Regular roof inspections lessen the risk of leaks and water damage spiraling out of control. Ask the current homeowner when the roof was last checked by a professional roofer. Remember that even new roofs need inspections — for instance, after a storm. This is to ensure the roof did not sustain any damage during the weather event.

Is the Roof’s Warranty Transferable?

The transferability of a roof warranty is great to have, but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. Generally, it’s good to still have a warranty if the roof is a little older. But if a roof is less than five years old and its warranty is not transferable, the property should still be a good purchase.

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