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About Us Blog What You Should Know About Hail-Damaged Roofs

What You Should Know About Hail-Damaged Roofs

Hail-damaged roofs can be stressful for unprepared homeowners. A hailstorm cannot be prevented, but you can always be knowledgeable and ready to deal with its aftermath. 


There Can Be Hidden Damage

The tricky part of hail damage is that it can be under your roof’s surface. Surface impacts can be easily seen, but there is hail damage that can manifest after a while. Small gauges and cracks can develop into bigger indentations. You may not notice at first, but moisture and water can easily pass through these holes. Such invisible damage can cause issues with your shingles and other parts of your roofing system. To prevent this, make sure to always have your roof professionally inspected after a storm.

Measuring Hail Damage

You can have an idea of how bad the damage will be based on the size, speed and direction of the hail. You also have to consider your roof’s material, age and slope to have an estimate on the degree of damage. Generally, asphalt shingles suffer more damage from hailstorms compared to other materials. Expect loose and bruised shingles after a storm. Your professional shingle roofer will have to measure the size of the indentations on your roof. 

Spot Repair or Roof Replacement

After inspecting your hail-damaged roof, your roofer can advise you if you only need some spot repair or a total roof replacement. You can begin your insurance claim by checking on the coverage for hail damage. Learning the basic knowledge of hail-damaged roofs can help you with your insurance claim. Your roofer can also help you by giving you an estimate on the cost. If your claim is denied, it’s still best to have the incident on record. This way, you have a formal document if ever the real results of the hail become apparent years later.

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