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What You Should Know About Roof Insurance Repairs

While your roof is designed to be tough and resilient, it’s not completely exempt to damage. And if your system did sustain a fair amount, you’ll need to have it taken care of immediately. This means checking your homeowner insurance policy to see if the kind of damage your roof has suffered is included in the coverage. 

Roof Damage and Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, not every kind of roof damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Take wear and tear, for example. Your roofing system takes some bit of damage every day because of its exposure to the elements. This gradual deterioration is normal and not always something to concern you.

And in cases where roof wear and tear has led to an issue, such as water infiltration, you’ll be expected to fund the leaking roof repair yourself – not your insurance provider. That’s because the responsibility of keeping your roof in good shape falls entirely to you as the homeowner. Roof damage resulting from normal wear and tear is generally preventable if regular roof inspection and maintenance is observed. 

What Repairs Do Homeowner’s Insurance Actually Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance generally covers roof damage caused by situations that are out of your control. This often means acts of nature. If your roof has been damaged by wind-blown debris or a fallen tree during a major weather event, you’ll find that your policy will cover its repair costs, minus the deductible. Damage caused by high wind speeds or hail may also be covered, but note that some insurance policies have exclusions to this. Read your policy and its coverage thoroughly so you know exactly what’s up. 

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