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About Us Blog When Should You Be Worried About Granule Loss?

When Should You Be Worried About Granule Loss?

You shouldn’t worry too much about your shingle roof losing granules – which protect asphalt shingles from ultraviolet (UV) rays and the elements – over the course of its lifespan. Since manufacturers embedded up to 40% more granules in their asphalt shingles, minor granule loss shouldn’t affect your shingle roof’s durability.

When should you be worried about granule loss? When granule loss becomes so extensive that bald patches start appearing on your roof or when shingle sediment starts accumulating in your gutters. These are usually warning signs you need a new roof. 

Why Extensive Granule Loss Is a Problem 

Without these granules, your roof is left vulnerable to premature aging and UV damage. And it’s only a matter of time until cracks start to form on your roof. Not to mention extensive granule loss is a sign your roof has also reached the end of its lifespan (which for asphalt shingles is 15 to 30 years). As your roof ages, the adhesion of the granules to its surface weakens. That’s why if you start seeing bald patches on your roof or shingle sediment accumulating in your gutters, you might want to start planning a roof replacement.

Why Architectural Shingles Are Worth the Extra Cost 

Here’s a tip: if you want a more durable shingle roof, we recommend choosing architectural shingles. They’re thicker than conventional asphalt shingles, which means they can form a denser roofing system that’s more resistant to the elements. And since architectural shingles can mimic expensive roofing materials, such as wood, slate and tile, they have higher aesthetic appeal as well. 

The only downside is that architectural shingles are more expensive. However, given their numerous benefits, they’re arguably worth the extra cost. 

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