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About Us Blog Why Storm Damage Claims Are Denied

Why Storm Damage Claims Are Denied

If your roof was damaged by a storm, your homeowners insurance policy can cover the repair or replacement costs. However, some roof claims get denied by insurance companies. There are various reasons for this.


Why Do Insurers Deny Storm Damage Claims?

Wear and Tear

Homeowners insurance typically covers the roof against storms. But if your roof is old and deteriorating even before the storm hits your area, your insurance company might reject your claim. A roof that’s suffering from wear and tear is naturally more prone to damage, and the storm only exacerbated its condition.

Nevertheless, there are instances where insurers still approve a claim for an old roof damaged by a storm. Talk to your insurance agent so that you can ensure you have all the requirements to submit a claim. It also helps to have your roof inspected by a contractor right after the storm.


Roofs can suffer severely from extreme weather events if they were never maintained. If it was discovered that you neglected your roof prior to the storm – thus making it susceptible to damage – your insurance company will likely deny your claim. 

Can You Do Something if Your Policy Is Denied or Underpaid?

Denied and underpaid insurance claims are often due to inadequate evidence that your roof sustained damage because of the storm. That is why you should thoroughly document the storm damage and prepare any roofing records you have showing that your roof was regularly inspected and maintained. You can also hire an insurance claims attorney to help you navigate the legalities, especially if you are going to dispute the rejection of your claim.

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