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Pete Masters, Tudor Homes -

"Tim Walsh of Punum Roofing has been taking care of all my roofing needs for more than twenty years. When I met him he was working on a house two lots away from where I was building a custom home for a client in Houston. He came to look at the house I was building and noticed that the shingle roof still needed "punch out" work to be done. When I told him the company that had put the roof on had become unreachable he offered to do the "punch out" work for free if he could start bidding my work. I agreed and he is the only roofer I have used since. Punum Roofing is one of the most reliable companies that I have ever worked with. Their pricing is good, when they say they will be on the job they show up. If a problem arises they solve it. They even take care of problems that might happen after the warranty period. "

Robert A. Epstein -

"My new roof is on. It looks beautiful and I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you and your very fine, talented, professional staff. After 4 failed attempts to get a quality roof on my home from a variety of popular roofers, I had just about given up hope of ever finding an experienced roofer when quite by accident, I was given your name, actually for another purpose. It was indeed fortuitous and that mischance produced a beautiful, high quality, architecturally fitting roof that turned out to be absolutely perfect for the house, for the neighborhood and for me. It continues to elicit many very favorable comments from my neighbors, who, for the most part are not prone to such admissions. I was particularly impressed by the quiet, professional, businesslike, efficient way your workmen went about their business and when they finished, they were just as particular about the clean up. It isn’t often that roofers are as well mannered and courteous as yours, but I can truthfully say hat I enjoyed working with them, and I am enjoying my roof every day."

Lana Sadler -

"I cannot thank you enough for your help. There are very few "good guys" left but in case you didn't know you are one of the few. Have a wonderful day and I will be in touch as soon as I can get the foundation on this house squared away and then on to the new shiny METAL roof! Thanks again!"

Donnie Wessels, Ashton Woods Homes -

"I have been in the residential construction industry for 20 years and worked with Punum Roofing for the last 12 years. When I decided to build my personal home, the decision to use Punum Roofing was a quick and easy one. The peace of mind that comes with having a quality roof installation definitely makes a stressful process much easier. They have a great team of qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and service-friendly people who will go above and beyond to ensure the have happy customers. I would recommend Punum Roofing to anyone who is looking for a top-notch roofing company for new construction or remodeling."

Craig Roll, President, Coastal Building Inspections & Engineering - Letter of Recommendation for Punum Roofing

"Coastal Building Inspections & Engineering performs windstorm engineering, design, and inspection services as well as foundation design, structural component design, and energy inspection services for the residential construction market. We have been performing windstorm roof inspections and certifications for Punum Roofing for the past 6 years in the Texas Gulf Coast High Wind Areas. During that time, Punum Roofing has continued to perform at the highest level of workmanship and administrative procedures that could be expected. Tim Walsh of Punum Roofing has been our contact over the past 6 years. His knowledge and dedication to the roofing profession is demonstrated by the excellent work and satisfied clients we see. Coastal Building Inspections & Engineering rates Punum Roofing as one of the most professional contractors that we have done business with. Besides providing its customers with quality roofs, Punum Roofing's other goal is to increase the knowledge of builders and trades in order to decrease production delays and inspection time while maintaining compliance. They have always responded quickly to any request we have had. We highly recommend Punum Roofing and their services to the building industry and wish them much success in the future."

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